Seki F, Hikishima K, Nambu S,Okanoya K, Okano HJ, Sasaki E, Miura K(corresponding author) and H. Okano.
MRI-CT atlas of the naked mole-rat brain (Heterocephalus glaber).
Frontiers in Neuroanatomy, 2013 Dec 20;7:45

The moving image of 3D tractography of both adult and neonatal, which represent the white matter tracts using data acquried by diffusion tensor imaging, as well as 3D skull image are freely watched here.




High-resolution 3D MRI data of brain at two stages (the adult and the newborn; postnatal 6 day) are available to dowonload in Nifti compressed format ( You can open these files by free software such as MRIcro ( or MRIcron (

NMR_data  ←click to download here !