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Joint Usage / Research Promotion Office

Joint Usage / Research Promotion Office

Promotion Office of the Joint Usage/Research Center started its activities in April,
2010 when the Institute for Genetic Medicine was authorized to be “an advanced center for research on cancers developed by persistent infection with bacteria or viruses” by the Ministry of Education , Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan. Projects of the Center consist of Special Joint Research, General Joint Research, and Symposia. For Special Joint Research, the institute is presenting the project “Roles of infection, inflammation and immunity in carcinogenesis and malignant progression.” Outside researchers are invited to apply for collaboration in the project. In General Joint Research, outside researchers can individually design research projects in line with the Joint Research Programs which are proposed by members of each division of the institute. In both projects, researches are to be performed in the institute, using the apparatuses available and the data thus obtained. Symposia are held for presenting and discussing results of the researches, which inspire participants to plan their next research steps.
Promotion Office acts for smooth development of the projects, and supports organizing symposia, assisting participants with submitting application for their travel and consumable supplies. Joint Usage/Research Promotion Program partially supports water and heating costs for the researches at the IGM.


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Application Period
From November 15, 2019 to December 15, 2019.

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Additional Recruitment for Callenge Joint Research Programs in the Fiscal Year 2019 (by March 31. 2020)

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Applications and inquiries should be addressed to:
Joint Usage/Research Promotion Office,
Institute for Genetic Medicine
Hokkaido University
Kita-15, Nishi-7, Kita-ku, Sapporo 060-0815
TEL: 011-706-6083
e-mail: kyodo★igm.hokudai.ac.jp
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